Feel Alive..!

If you don’t know where you headin’ then follow me on this journey..After all, we are on the same boat…

Mind this 5 things and might you realize about your destination.

1. Observe your Nature towards life.

Everybody is different so as their nature, thoughts and philosophy towards life. so it’s much important that you should know what you think about the life of your own.

May the same thing is not funny for two different persons. same as you are different and one and only, you always have to observe your thoughts which makes you happy, bother, sad, joy, energy or anything strange feeling which automatically made strong foundation towards the nature of your life and you can remain flexible and make move against your odds.

Find out your real nature by practice these small things and observe it and feel it which definitely helps you understand better yourself when you feel messed up..!

2. Observe your surroundings which affects you most.

Once you started to observe your nature toward your life it’ll automatically start you observing your surroundings means people around you, their thoughts about you, vibes you feel and conditions as well.

So doing this will make you know that what you really like and what you really dislike..!!!

This is a major reason for doing these all above little exercise, to know your inner brightest stars to where to shine them…If once you know that you already did most of the work.


3. Engage yourself in things which most influence you.

Now you are not in sleep, you are awaken… you know what you like and what you not, what feeling gives you pleasure and what can ruin your day… so this is time you know everything about you and you are ready to engage your self in most of the things that you believe you can and you have to.

4. Feel what makes you on fire…!!!

That’s it..My dear friend..Just engage your self what you like, what makes you happy, what gives you precious moments of your life, what makes you Top of the world.

You know what makes you on fire….and that’s the only thing you can do it best…no one can’t with that beauty. You’ll find your self on another planet by doing this and feel the enormous joy which will float you somewhere else.

That’s a FINAL chapter my dear friend, you know that for what you made. This is the only thing makes you ALIVE…!!!

5. Avoid what makes you low .

This step is only to keep your persistence efforts and avoid the bad influence of your already super strong living cool Life. So avoid what makes you low and try to judge the conditions and output what are going through which helps you a lot to maintain your track which you decided of your life.

After all, this is a life you deserve, This is a life you waiting for, This is a life you worked damn hard for. Live it.

Just try to apply these five steps you’ll definitely know how things you can change as per your wish.

Human Being is the greatest creature of the world. Just do your things and it’ll automatically starts working out, Believe me..Its my personal experience.

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