Winning Is a Habit..!

Want to achieve this Habit instead of seeking a plan or technique here and there??


5 Steps to Avoid Failure and Achieve Your Goal.


1.Past of your Life. 

Everyone has his own past and so have you.

I know it’s a little bit hard to forget everything and move on…but trust me its the only thing that can make you stronger than ever.

Dwelling in past will yield you nothing but depression, stress, sometimes very short time happiness too as well unbreakable cycle of overthinking.


All you have to do just moving on, clear your goal, made your path and just fuckiiing do it…!!!

2. Stop Thinking and Start Doing.

Its easy to say & damn hard to do.

i think if you have to achieve this particular segment you need to do mind exercise and maintain the thought process by practice day to day.

I have best solution for this …Meditation, Yoga and some exercise .

These three things will make you very refreshing , slowly change your nature and i am confident for sure will improve your mind power as will power drastically. 


3.Limitation of your Thoughts.

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” – Les Brown


Don’t imprison your thoughts with your own mind…!!!

Don’t you ever think less about yourself. 

If you can think can do it.

Release your Beast….!!! Break your Limitation and Free yourself…!


4.Opinions of World About You.

Fu*k’em all…!

People don’t care about your damn things, thoughts, emotions, conditions, relationships. 

All they can do it just just just judging you. Making an opinion about you is what they enjoy your worst or bad time.

Keep on doing what you doing and keep them doing what they do.

Focus on your goal and don’t give a f*ck  about them. End of these you will enjoy by showing them mid finger for sure.

Don’t let them distract you and you already in a great position.

Maintain your rhythm and enjoy with love what you do.

Seize your moment”  momento cepit – Ernesto de la Cruz

( coco my fav but do not follow da la cruz…hahah)

5.Relationships which is holding you Back.

It’s Confusing.

I know its harder to avoid or neglect some relationship which is affect on your mind as well on your career.

but here is BUT with big B that what you really want, why you all doing for, what can decide your destiny. 

Make sure what you believe and feel about the person, who is on radar of your mind soldiers that can eliminate him or she within a second and make your goal.

You have to know this what is best for you. 

Hard work all you put can waste by little many mistakes , can destroy you at the end.

Let your Hard work decide your result not some stupid relations which can hold you back dear.


Winning in every conditions may be difficult thing but mastery on these five things can fill you with great confidence to achieve you goal in every conditions.

After living on discipline life by dedicate your self winning seems  more easy and  simple thing for you.

All you have to just follow this steps and watch now winning is nothing but your HABIT.

A good Habit can Make or Break a person on every things.

Make your move right now ,may these small but precious change can convert on Lifetime great 

             HABIT OF WINNIG…!    

ASK whatever you Feel.!!


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